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The world has changed, and so have we. Our community is now home to more than 100,000 people who believe in creating a better world of work. We want to welcome as many of you as (safely as) possible. With that in mind, Culture First 2021 will be a fully virtual experience and entirely free for all to attend. We’re also hosting three opportunities to experience Culture First to accommodate our far-reaching global community. Whether you’re a c-suite leader, people & culture expert, CHRO, or aspiring team lead, there’s something here for you. We hope you’ll join us live at one (or all three!)

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Humanity at work

The way we work is changing, and the reality is we’ve got to be better at understanding how our people relate to each other. It’s everyday interactions that determine how someone shows up to work. We know that companies who shape their culture to have more humanity at work - that listen to their people and support them to create and grow - have a competitive advantage. Come to Culture First to explore what it means to have Humanity at Work and enact change in your organization.

You'll engage in sessions to:


Understand your employees

What does a successful hybrid workforce look like? Why are we losing our top talent? How can we build a more inclusive culture?


Build high-performing cultures

How can we build resilience with never-ending change at work? What is the impact of wellbeing and mental health on performance? How can we create a culture of continuous development for all employees?


Develop your people

What are the markers of a successful manager in this new world of work? How can we get our managers to work smarter not harder? Can we scale behavior change?



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